Course Reel | How to create video course using AI

Let’s Corse Reel AI create video course titles, chapters, Content-per-chapter and Turn It All into Video Courses Ready To Sell without recording videos.


Let CorsE-AI Create Your Course Title, Chapters, Content-per-Chapter & Turn It All into Video Courses Ready To Sell.

The global online course market was worth $107 billion in 2015 and by 2025 it will reach a staggering total market value of $325 billion. Video is backbone of teaching online but not everyone has a professional camera or is good at create presentations, recording audios, putting it all together and creating a course.

That’s exactly where Course Reel AI steps in.



CourseReelAI is built upon our CorsAI engine that will recommend you a course topic and title based on the niche or keyword you provide and go on to suggest multiple variations of “topics or chapters” to cover in your new video course, create content for each “topic or chapter” and then create a video for each of them, with images, slides, video clips, text, animation, transitions and full customisation option, all on autopilot.

  • Create & monetize courses in multiple niches
  • A.I. writes the ALL scripts for the videos AUTOMATICALLY
  • 100% Cloud based – nothing to download or install
  • True A.I. Trinity Matrix Does All The Heavy Lifting
  • App turns every script into a SEPARATE video while you sit back and relax
  • FREE Commercial license – sell your videos & get paid big bucks
  • A.I. Course Title Creator AUTOMATICALLY gives you your course topic & title fast based on your keyword or niche
  • Just a few clicks and you’ve got a video course ready to sell in minutes
  • Export or send videos directly to YouTube & Facebook with a click of your mouse
  • A.I. AUTOMATICALLY gives you all the chapter outlines for your course in a blink of an eye
  • Upload or Record Audio in the app & have a video ready in no time.
  • Turns your idea into your next big course…using just a keyword.

CourseReelAI let’s you do all of this and more:

CourseReelAI is perfect for

Video Marketers

Create video courses or video sales letters or simply turn your podcasts into videos with slides and increase your reach.

Affiliate Marketers

Convert your email or text review into a proper review video that you can launch jack and rank on YouTube to make commissions.

Local / Agency Marketers

Start helping local businesses like restaurants or gyms by creating cooking lessons or working classes video courses for them and getting paid big.

Newbie Marketers

Quickly and easily create your first video course and start making money selling it on sites like Udemy. No need for complex video recording and editing know-how.

Bloggers & YouTubers

Turn your blog post into an educational video to share on your YouTube channel or LinkedIn or repurpose your old YouTube video and create a fresh new video to publish and reach a new audience.



Video Marketing Unleashed

“Effective video marketing is all about conversions. The video has to play a role in getting the viewer to whip out their credit card and buy something or click on an ad that pays you or enter their email address or zip code into a form.

The challenge to video marketers nowadays is that video may have been the victim of its own success.

The problem now is that there’s so much video out there that most of them simply don’t have an impact. They don’t get people to convert to buyers.

Here is what you’ll learn in this guide:

Video Marketing – An Overview
Video Marketing Made Effective
Video Marketing Essentials
Different Types of Video Marketing
Personality-Focused Videos
Marketing Videos on Social Media”

Social Traffic Plan

Online digital marketing has numerous advantages for your business.

Not only is it a cost-effective way to increase awareness about your brand, but the information you post on the Internet travels fast and has no geographical boundaries.

Learning about the effectively utilize the most popular social media platforms is the first step to driving more traffic to your site and finding success.

This simple guide will show you what you need to do to boost your targeted website traffic using social media.

Here is what you will discover:

Learn how to utilize Facebook to increase traffic to your company site properly.
Discover how Twitter can help you engage more with your customers and grow your business.
Find out why Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to grow brand awareness and promote your products and services.
Learn how you can utilize YouTube to reach more people and increase website traffic.

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